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Science By Scientists

Successful scientists solve real-world problems, and students need to experience this first hand. Our ethos is that: problem solving is a skill, skills can be honed through practice, and the key to solving science problems is mastery of the scientific practices that comprise the scientific method.

Designed by Scientists and built by a dedicated team of creative professionals, our products provide students opportunities to practice and develop these skills and inspire a love for science. Stated simply...we believe that in science class, students should be scientists.

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Engaging Students

Today's students have spent their entire lives surrounded by technology, so it is no longer reasonable to expect them to be engaged by textbooks and lectures alone. In order to inspire, we must provide a visual approach that's interesting, captures their attention and motivates them to learn.

We create Interactive Cases that relate key science concepts to the real world. As one of our teacher partners put it, we teach the "So What?" of science. Our Interactive Cases engage students in their learning and immerses them in the molecular world of science.

Each Interactive Case involves:
  • Mastering a key science concept
  • Applying that knowledge to a real world problem
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Forming a hypothesis
  • Testing the hypothesis
  • Communicating findings
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Designed in partnership with teachers, students solve real-world problems using scientific practices and develop the critical thinking skills required for successful science careers.

We've heard countless times how hard it is to teach concepts like diffusion, osmosis, filtration and more. We're here to help. In our engaging virtual environments, students explore the molecular world in ways that aren't possible through traditional methods.

In the Osmosis Interactive Case, students must help a young calf named Clark who is having seizures. Students "fly into" his brain to learn about osmosis, collect data and then form a hypothesis as to why Clark is having seizures. They then test this hypothesis by choosing a treatment and analyzing the effects of that treatment on the brain.

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Empowering Teachers

From a tablet or a computer, see in real-time where your students are struggling, on an individual basis or as a group. There is no need to wait and review written papers. With the Cogent Education Heat Map, you can stop the class and address problems immediately, or work with your students on an individual basis.

Cogent's Interactive Cases were developed by scientists and tested with over 1,500 students in a three-year research study performed by the College of Education at the University of Georgia (UGA). The research study demonstrated that the Interactive Cases improved students' abilities to think critically and use higher order thinking skills to solve problems.

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Cogent Educators

Participate with a growing group of educators who want to transform the classroom and prepare students for successful science careers. Cogent Education strives to use the best scientific methods to develop our products, but relies on continual feedback from our Cogent Educators who implement the products on a daily basis.

Cogent Educators provide awareness and understanding of today's science classrooms. They are frequent speakers at educational conferences and tradeshows, and provide recommendations and insight for future products and areas of focus. Utilize the products we have today and help us decided what we develop tomorrow! Learn more about how to become a Cogent Educator!

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